Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Trapped In The Chicken

R. Kelly in shock new Chicken sex scandal! OK that might not be a shock but it isn't true. Yes that is me in the picture above. Rhodri's Birthday was on Saturday and I went dressed as your hero and mine R.Kelly. Yes it's controversial but I don't think it's racist. Would it be racist for a black person to white themselves up to go as (I don't know) Chris De Burgh for example? No I wouldn't think so. There was one lady who maybe thought so. Whilst I was at the front of the bar at the Mont Felard pub she stood to the side tutting. I don't know, maybe my costume was just really convincing and she was an outright racist. If so, shame on you lady, shame on you.

Rhodri's had a coach party. Coach parties are brilliant. This weekend I'm going on another one. I think maybe the world would be a better place if all nights out took place on coaches. The coaches would bus people around forcing interaction with other coach parties. You would see a great variety of people and places and if you hooked up you could just jump on another coach. Imagine it, you could buy a pass for the night and go all over the shop. Stay with your mates if you want or mix things up and go all creepy loner. Still I would worry about old ladies wondering onto the wrong bus wanting to get the 10A to St Marys or whatever... Or would I?

Oh and if anyone found the blog by googling the phrase 'R.Kelly Chicken Sex' please leave a comment and let us know why the fuck you were searching for that!


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