Wednesday, 9 September 2009

See You Latte

Hey Kids

As most of you probably know Nic and I are heading off on our travels tomorrow. That means I won't have much time to catch up on this blog. What's new you may ask in a sarcastic tone? Fuck You, I've been really busy. The Jersey Summer was an absolute blast especially the last couple of weeks where our visitors popped by and of course Jersey Live took place. Any other Jersey-ites I would recommend having some foreigners over if you're ever feeling burnt out on Jersey life. Looking at it through their eyes it forces you to realise that despite the negativity of a few loud mouthed grade-A wank stains (I'm looking at you Senator Stuart Syvret. What you gonna do? I'm the other side of the world... Or at least I will be soon) it's actually a pretty fucking cool place to live. Basically I'm going to miss you guys... except you Sam Tannahill.

But whilst this may be a goodbye it actually means you're going to get more bloggage than usual just in a different place (Think of it as IVF blogging rather than the balls deep penetrative sex blogging your used to - the same basic thing in a different way). And after that elaborate and confusing sentence I think you should probably just go there and bookmark it yourself:

It already has a lovely pretentious Mark Twain quote so enjoy that and soon it'll have details of all our crazy adventures.



PS - New Gallery is out. The column continues. It'll be in October too but in a reduced form. Maybe November? We'll see.