Wednesday, 9 September 2009

See You Latte

Hey Kids

As most of you probably know Nic and I are heading off on our travels tomorrow. That means I won't have much time to catch up on this blog. What's new you may ask in a sarcastic tone? Fuck You, I've been really busy. The Jersey Summer was an absolute blast especially the last couple of weeks where our visitors popped by and of course Jersey Live took place. Any other Jersey-ites I would recommend having some foreigners over if you're ever feeling burnt out on Jersey life. Looking at it through their eyes it forces you to realise that despite the negativity of a few loud mouthed grade-A wank stains (I'm looking at you Senator Stuart Syvret. What you gonna do? I'm the other side of the world... Or at least I will be soon) it's actually a pretty fucking cool place to live. Basically I'm going to miss you guys... except you Sam Tannahill.

But whilst this may be a goodbye it actually means you're going to get more bloggage than usual just in a different place (Think of it as IVF blogging rather than the balls deep penetrative sex blogging your used to - the same basic thing in a different way). And after that elaborate and confusing sentence I think you should probably just go there and bookmark it yourself:

It already has a lovely pretentious Mark Twain quote so enjoy that and soon it'll have details of all our crazy adventures.



PS - New Gallery is out. The column continues. It'll be in October too but in a reduced form. Maybe November? We'll see.

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ZDENNY said...

A man named Finite awoke and found himself in a sinkhole full of quick sand. He was sinking very slowly and knew that he would meet certain death.

A man came along who had holes in his hands. The man threw Finite a rope and told him to grab it and he would pull him to safety.

Finite looked at the holes in the man’s hands and said, “Your not real.” “It is not scientifically possible for a man to live who has holes in his hands.

The man with the holes in his hands looked at the guy a little puzzled and said, “You are in a sinkhole and about to die. Your response to my help is to say I’m not real?”

Finite said, “Well, I like how warm the sand is and I really don’t want to get out. Second, I know I am having an illusion because it is not possible for a man to have holes in his hands and still help me out.” Therefore, morally I like my plight and scientifically, you don’t exist being a mere projection of my mind.

The man with the holes in his hands said, “Listen, I was sent here by my father to help people out so please let me help you! I will take you to my father’s mansion where you can enjoy life for eternity. Obviously, death was not able to hold me in the grave because the holes in my hands are proof that I overcame death. I now have the power to save you so grab the rope!”

Finite put his fingers in the ears and said, “Now I know I am hearing things because there is no such thing as eternal life…Everyone dies so I am going to take my turn and just enjoy this warm sand until the end.”

The man with the holes in his hand said, “If you won’t grab the rope, then I won’t be able to help you…please, please take the rope and I can pull you out. Have faith my friend.”

A few moments later Finite sunk into the quick sand and out of sight. Finite was surprised that he did not die as expected. He just sat there surrounded by sand, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to talk with his fingers in his ears. Finite tried to comfort himself by thinking, “I would rather stay here for eternity than believe that the man with the holes in His hand could help me. Faith in that mirage is irrational!!

So Finite sat in the quicksand for eternity. Day in and day out for eternity Finite was always thinking about the man with the holes in his hands. He would comfort himself thinking, “It was better to not have faith than to believe something that didn’t make sense.”

The man with the holes in His hands continued to call him for the rest of eternity; however, Finite could not hear his voice because he had plugged his ears.

The Lesson

If you are not with Christ, you will be thinking about Christ for eternity anyway… so have faith.