Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Back... Again!


Alright stop, collaborate and listen...

Hello Steveitude fans. It's been a long time but we've dusted off the old typing pad and we have returned to provide you with your daily (probably not), weekly (there's a chance), monthly (unless I get really slack) dose of Steveitude. Where have I been all this time? Find out here. But don't bother yet. Keep reading! 

As you may have noticed we've spruced things up a little bit since last time you popped your cute little faces in. There's a snazzy new background, a reduced blog list consisting solely of people I actually know (If you have a blog and I know you then please get in touch and you could see your name on the side of my page!), a search bar and even ads for Amazon products that supposedly are relevant to my site. Click through them and order many things so that I receive gift cards galore. 

Anyway, we're back, we mean business and we have plenty of exciting stuff coming up here over the next couple of months. Music, movies and other things that are good. So stick around, check back often and become a follower. 

What does the picture at the top of this post mean??? You'll find out.... Soon enough. 



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