Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Review

Let it be known, I Lesbianed Scott Pilgrim vs The World. A quirkier, more energetic, more inventive film you will not see this year or pretty much any year. And the thing is as a long time fan of the books it actually managed to really surprise me. Wright and co-writer Bacall only had the first two volumes and a rough outline of the series to go on when they wrote their script and you can really tell as they provide their own spin on the material. It's actually an adaptation rather than a word for word, shot for shot deal (see my minor quibbles with Watchmen). Yes it loses the development of the relationship in place of making it seem a more short term thing and the minor characters don't get so much back story but there was never going to be a way of squeezing six books of stuff into one movie. The minor characters don't even really suffer because of some tremendous casting. The movie Young Neil I thought was especially good and actually had an interesting mini arc as well as some great one liners. Speaking of one liners the film was much funnier than I expected. They're funny graphic novels but here the jokes (physical and non physical) come thick and fast. I don't want to drop any spoilers but the ending with the 'extra boss' is just perfect and I'd like to see O'Malley maybe feature him in a little one shot. Finally, the move from book to screen actually gives us the music and it is as insanely indie and cool as you would expect. Broken Social Scene, Beck, Metric, Frank Black...

All in all it's an absolutely outstanding film and is completely deserving of both your time and money. I'm also delighted to say it was completely sold out so get there early blog fans!
Now I'm going to sit here and pray for a sequel.



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