Friday, 27 August 2010

Gateway Drug

And if you enjoyed the film...

There's plenty more Scott Pilgrim stuff out there for you to enjoy. As I mentioned yesterday the books kind of give an alternative and far more in-depth retelling of the same basic story. I would implore you to pick them up from your nearest book shop, Amazon or fine comic book retailer. There's a section in Book 5 that is omitted from the film that has both great art and acts as a narrative gut punch. Basically (even if you're a comic book virgin) if you liked the film you will LOVE the books.

If you like video games (and if you like Scott Pilgrim there's a decent chance you do) then there's also a game out to coincide with the movie. The graphics remind me of a wonderful time when games characters weren't surly scales or mad professors who shout out you for not losing enough weight / being stupid. Here's a little trailer.

If I owned a games console that wasn't a Nintendo Wii I would totally buy it.

There's also soundtracks, plushes, t-shirts... The whole shebang!

This is the last post of unofficial Scott Pilgrim week here at Steveitude Towers and I hope I've managed to convey just a little of my enthusiasm for the project. I don't like to shill myself for anything I'm not personally involved in but new and original films like this deserve to be seen and if we don't go and support them then I guess I'll just have to see you outside the mass suicide after the first screening of Norbit 2.



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