Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Moneyball, Deadlines and Mick McCarthy

I'm currently re-reading Moneyball by Michael Lewis. A book about how Billy Beane and a bunch of amateur baseball theorists used alternative thinking to turn conventional baseball wisdom on its head and profit from others refusal to do so. It's a truly fascinating book even if you know literally fuck all about baseball. In its way of questioning all pre conceived notions of player value I think there are a few things that could be applied to football with today being deadline day.

On a similar theme The Ebouetown Heat had a truly awful week in Fantasy Football and I think I may have to play my Wild Card and completely over haul my rag tag bunch of underachievers. It's time to rethink as it turns out picking a solid team with little capacity for individual expression and a tendency to scrap out 0-0 draws won't get you too far in Fantasy Football. I guess it isn't anyone's fantasy to be Mick McCarthy... probably not even Mick McCarthy.



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