Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Is It You or Me?

Here at Steveitude Towers we're getting in the mood for this weekend's Jersey Live Festival. I have to say there aren't really the same number of bands that I'm crazily excited to see as usual but it's hard to tell if this is me or the festival itself. Go back to a couple of years ago and I was struggling at Reading just to fit in all the bands I wanted to see all across the stages nowadays those little known bands I squeezed into tiny tents to catch a glimpse of seem to have either fallen off the face of the planet or become the big names rocking the main stage. I don't really know who their replacements are. I think this could be a good thing though as I should have time to enjoy the festival itself instead of stressing over who I'm getting to see.

The only band I'm massively excited to see are Biffy Clyro. Old stuff, new stuff, they're one of those rare bands where it doesn't really matter what they play I know I'm going to enjoy it (Though I would LOVE Justboy). Also, judging by the last couple of times I've seen them I know it's going to be an awesome show. The other band who would have joined them on this list are Hiphoperation but sadly the organisers have stuck them in the V.I.P tent where pretty much none of their fan base can go watch them .Good work guys!



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