Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Unreal Madrid

You may have seen this mentioned in the news recently.

Former Togo coach Bana Tchanile 'sorry' over fake team

Basically it's the story of how a former Togo coach took a fake national team to Bahrain. Alarm bells were raised when the team turned out to be pretty shit and generally not of the standard you'd expect of Togo's national side (Even without former professiona footballer and retired international Emmanuel Adebayor.) It was  a wacky scheme on par with just about anything Zach Morris came up with on Saved By The Bell but it was apparently carried out with good intentions:

''I wanted to help youngsters in Togo who chose to play football, but who have problems making it because of a lack of competition at a national level,"

Still there are plenty of youngsters who have chosen to play football and found international opportunities lacking. I think if Tchanile is truly committed to this cause he should take it to the next level. Search out members of Cartmel College's glorious C Team 2007 and take them to Asia as an England side. Take the Jose Franco family as the Portugal mixed sex 5-A Side team. Help Geoff Horsefield crack the England squad. I'm throwing the gauntlet down Bana - do you accept?

A final note of congratualtions to St Peter who took home the Charity Cup last night after a solid performance characterised by firm rear guard action. That's 'firm rear guard action' if you're confused by the result of your Google search.



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