Friday, 10 September 2010

Naked in Brighton and Weddings in the West Midlands

It's been a busy day at Steveitude Towers as we're packing up our bags and heading to the UK tomorrow for a week of frolics. We're in Brighton tomorrow until Tuesday for the purpose of seeing my favourite all time band The Barenaked Ladies in concert (For the first time without Steven Page). After that we head up to Shrewsbury with a Thursday night trip to Liverpool for the Europa League match against Steau Bucharest. Then on Friday it's the wedding of Mr. Simon Wray to Miss. Vicki Jones followed by party time on Saturday. I won't have my laptop with me so my blogging output might be severely reduced but from the week after. It's pretty exciting, Si and Vic have insisted they're not going to have Ushers at the wedding but in my twisted fantasy world it's the job I've been training for my whole life. Peace Up, A-Town Down!

Fantasy Football fans will also be delighted to know I played my Wild Card today and I'm ready to start dominating the league. Things are about to get a whole lot more Drogbalicious.




Munchie said...

with 1st place chelsea vs last place west ham on saturday i cant see drogba not bagging a few goal/assists

stevelawrence said...

I've got Malouda backing him up and no West Ham players so I fancy another Chelsea mauling!