Wednesday, 8 September 2010

39 Jerseys Later...

So another Jersey Live has come and gone. Another weekend of music, cider and over-priced food. For the 7th year in a row I had an awesome time.

It's interesting how the Festival has evolved. From the first year where you could waltz to the front barrier during the performance for Razorlight to the change to a 2 day Festival and now the multiple stages with a variety of different acts. This year it seemed to be only a few minor tweaks but the toilets seemed better positioned and drinks lines only seemed to be a problem in the Cider tent. I can't comment on the queing issues as we had arrived earlyish both days but I have to say the full body searches on pretty much every person seemed a bit much. Especially when the security guards took Paul's chewing gum. Confusing. I have heard some people complain about waiting for food but again I didn't experience this myself. Maybe because I opted against buying food on the Sunday after a confusingly worded sign led to me spending £9 on a Burrito and Wedges at Amigos on Saturday. Having recommended this stall in the past I can now safely stear people away from these rude and obnoxious rip-off merchants.

The main thing about a Music Festival always has to be the music. As I mentioned in my brief Festival preview there wasn't actually a huge amount I was looking forward to. The exception to this was Biffy Clyro and as expected they absolutely rocked it and for me were by far the best band of the weekend. I also have to say Paul Weller was far better than I was expecting and had everyone going pretty crazy with 'A Town Called Malice'. Professor Green managed to put on a more than competent live performance which can often be difficult when you're performing songs with lots of samples and rapping. The video above is Darwin Deez who put on an incredible performance including a number of dance breaks inbetween songs (Including a crab dance!). I would like to see more bands doing this in future. Can you imagine Thom Yorke shouting dance break and Radiohead then busting some choreographed dance moves to an ABBA song on the mainstage at Glastonbury? I can. Away from the Main Stage the Jersey bands provided plenty of entertainment on the Wild West Tease Stage (Which also had a very accessible bar!). Shout outs to The Mulburys, Hold Your Fire! (Who are playing at the 02 Arena next month! Nice one), Brave Yesterday, Frankie Davies and Hiphoperation who I admired from a distance. In my mind Rhodri Hart is the perfect spokesperson for Pear Wine.

I must also congratulate Tinie Tempah on saying 'Jersey' a whopping 39 times during his less than 30 minute set that included a Taio Cruz song. Hold me closer Tinie Tempah.

All in all I quite enjoyed freedom from my usual single minded desperation to see a long list of bands. It was enjoyable to just wander around and experience the Festival, sit on the grass and drink St Helier Cider. In this respect the glorious weather certainly helped. I think my energy levels are now recovering and I look forward to next year. Hopefully I'll see you there.



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