Monday, 27 September 2010

Minor Characters From American Pie Week - Glee Club Teacher

On Friday night ITV took the brave decision to screen a generation defining film. A film that gave us great moments, great catchphrases and great characters like Stifler, Jim's Dad and The Sherminator. But what of those background characters who provide the framework for the whole masterpiece to flow together. The unsung heroes who shun the spotlight but still retain a special place in our hearts. Welcome to 'Minor Characters From American Pie' Week here at The Fortress of Steveitude.

Minor Character 1: Glee Club Teacher (Akuyoe Graham)
Glee clubs are everywhere thanks to the hit show Glee but I think we should look back and give some credit to the film that really came up with the whole concept - American Pie. It is the Glee club that allows Oz to ditch his whole jock self-image and become possibly the wettest character in the history of film. And who's there on the sidelines smiling and nodding and telling Oz it's OK to sing as long as you're doing it for the express purpose of banging Mena Suvari? It's the Glee club teacher of course. I'm not sure if she actually has any lines but that doesn't matter. These characters don't need words. It's a performance of subtlety and grace and I hope Akuyoe Graham you finally get the respect you deserve for it.

As an added bonus here's the famous Chris Klein leaked Mamma Mia audition tape. Maybe she actually isn't that great a teacher...

Check back tomorrow to see if your favourite character gets featured on the list.



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