Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Minor Characters From American Pie Week - Kevin's Brother

Here we are ladies and gentlemen. Three days in to this exciting journey into the recesses of my obsessive mind. So far we've reacquainted ourselves with The Glee Club Teacher and Jim's Mom. Today - a slightly more familiar face.

Minor Character 3 - Kevin's Brother (Casey Affleck)

That's right. Years before creating severe doubt in the public's mind about the mental stability of Joaquin Phoenix the man known worldwide as one of the top 2 Affleck Brothers was here in the background of American Pie uncredited as Kevin's brother. This was actually a tough one for me. With Casey's fame and the fairly serious role he plays in the film I wasn't sure whether he should be classified as an unsung hero. In the end I decided that because of the fact he plays such a large role but doesn't get much credit for it that he deserves to be here.

One of my major problems with American Pie: The Wedding is the fact that Kevin has such a tiny role (I have more but I won't go into them here). He is undoubtedly the leader of the group. It is his drive and determination that sparks their quest in the first place and ultimately results in Jim's marriage to Michelle. However, this motivation doesn't just form out the ether. It is Kevin's brother with his introduction of the fabled Sex Bible that gets things going for them. The presence of a mystical older generation gives American Pie a further edge over other teen movies (See also the Cops in Superbad). Some teen films seem to give the impression that this is the first time anyone has had sex ever. The concept is mystifying to the main characters, adult characters don't understand it. The presence Jim's Dad and Kevin's Brother underline that people have always had and struggled with sex and that what these characters go through is a universal experience. It's a nice message really.



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