Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Minor Characters From American Pie Week - Jim's Mom

Of all the characters featured this week I think this is possibly the one in which casting was most important. You all know Jim, you all know Jim's Dad but what about...

Minor Character 2 - Jim's Mom (Molly Cheek)

There are of course more famous Mom's in the series (Stifler's Mom) but people seem to forget that in the first film she really doesn't show until the last couple of minutes with an extended cameo that for many people defined the whole series. Far more integral to the plot of the first film is Jim's Mom. Her role is understated and her main function is to act embarrassed by her son's various antics but it is character's like her who keep these early films grounded and prevent them slipping away into the farce of the direct to DVD sequels. The reason we share in Jim's pain is that his Mom is capable of representing the 'every Mom'. His Dad might be the more memorable character but it's much easier to empathize with Jim in his relationship with his Mom. She also bakes the pie that gave us the most famous scene in all the American Pie films so you've got to give her major props for that.

Molly Cheek is also the Mum from Harry & The Hendersons so I think it's safe to say she is one of the greatest screen Mother's of all time.

NOTE: I've used the American spelling of Mom for the most part here as it's her official IMDB character name. Also please don't try and do a Freudian reading of this post. I think it could take you to scary places.



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