Monday, 25 May 2009

Endings At The Museum

I went to see Night At The Museum 2 on Saturday night. It was rather enjoyable. Sure the plot was bordering on the incoherent but its only function is to string together the collection of exhibit related skits and these almost all delivered a good deal of laughs. You also have to give the casting director a LOT of credit. How they managed to get this cast together is beyond me but if there was an Oscar for casting they'd be in with a good shout. Still, I had one major problem. A problem with the ending...

SPOILER ALERT - If you don't want the ending to the film ruined - Turn back now!

OK? Still here? Good. Basically the central relationship in the film is between Stiller's Larry Daly and the come to life all action girl Amelia Earhart (Played by the incredible Amy Adams it's had not to love her too). Through the course of the film they develop an attraction to each other predictably ending with the big kiss. Tragically though whenever the magic tablet isn't near old Amelia she reverts back to plastic exhibit form and as this is a family film the chance of Ben Stiller making love to a mannequin are low. It seems as if the film will end on a slightly downbeat note with Stiller's character having saved his museum but lost the woman he has come to love. But then she turns up. Except it isn't Amelia Earhart. It's Amy Adams playing a new character who looks exactly like Amelia Earhart but isn't her. After a little flirting you're left with the impression that they're going to end up together. Happy ending? Not for me. OK she looks the same (BONER) but it isn't the person Stiller's character spent the whole film falling in love with. Nicki and Lauren had no problem with the ending, they encouraged me not to overthink this stating that its a family film where museum exhibits come to life. Surely the fantasy could stretch to accepting this somehow is a different version of Earhart made real. I might be able to accept this but only if there was some more evidence of the museum exhibits having avatars in the 'real' world. Maybe Robin Williams as a wise mentor or Hank Azaria's pharoah as a jerk shareholder or something. I think the film is worth a watch but I can't help having these issues. To me it's an obvious story point and one that needed addressing. Larry with all his cash bought the museum, surely he could arrange to have the Earhart exhibit moved there?

What do you think? Any films that have given you similar problems? Let me know.



Tuesday, 19 May 2009

So's Your Mum

Eminem's new album apparently has a new track which totally disses Mariah Carey. In true 8 Mile fashion Nick Cannon (Who is apparently also a rapper) retorted with the stinging comeback 'Slim Shady? More like Slim Lamey'. Brap Brap. Come back to that one Marshall.

Rudebox, do the rudebox cos you so nasty.
I still wanna see the Robbie v Eminem rap feud.



Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Orange Wednesday

My girlfriend has a quite startling knowledge of the 1996 European Championships Dutch Squad. The other day we had a conversation about the relative merits of the De Boer Brothers. It's not that she is a particular advocate of total football it's just she had a crush on them and in particular that mountain of man hunk Patrick Kluivert. I find this kind of weird but also cool. How about you? Any weird crushes?



Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Freak Holding A Leash

Yesterday on the walk back from home Nic and I saw a woman carrying her cat. This is of course quite a strange thing to see. We then noticed there seemed to be something attached to the cat's collar. The woman then placed the cat on the ground and everything became clear. This woman was walking her cat. She had her cat on a lead. It was maybe the best thing I have ever seen. I salute you crazy lady!

Also, podcast episode 2 still available. See below. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD!



Sunday, 10 May 2009

Episode 2: A Knight's Bale

It's back! Episode 2 of The Blogcast of Steveitude. Sam Tannas was originally supposed to be my main guest on the show but sadly he was double booked. Instead we have special guests Dennis The Psychic Cat and Hollywood Mega Superstar Christian Bale*. It's a heck of a show.

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We've ironed out some of the kinks from last time including length (19mins) and size (It was difficult because I've never had trouble with length or size). Some of the volume levels are still a bit off so once again I'd recommend listening through headphones.

We have musical contributions from Turner Prize and The Brilliantly Simple. Click on their names to check out their sites. Because we weren't concentrating on a musical act this time around I don't think I really got across how totally fucking cool these guys are. Note to you guys: They are. Also, hop onto the link for The Brilliantly Simple Blog at the side of this blog.

The show was Written, Directed and Co-produced by Me and Co-Produced and Engineered by the heroic Dan Turner. Voices are by Me, Dan and the beautiful Miss Nicki Wray as Dame Judi Dench. Additional vocals from Kerry Fisher and Rhodri Hart. The concept for Breaky Spready Go is by Oly Le Feuvre. Any scientists wishing to develop the product further should contact him. Any men looking for a sub-par hand job should probably contact Oly too.

Remember Episode 1 is still available here.

Finally if you have any comments please direct them to me via Twitter (steveolawrence), Facebook or e-mail or in the comments section of this blog. Did you like the changes? What would you like to see more of? If you'd like to help out or contribute to the podcast please also get in touch. We could always use more songs to play and more people to interview. Frankly we will shill anything!



*Christian Bale may not in fact be Christian Bale.

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Happy Liberation Day everyone! As a treat here is a photo of that camera hog Bonesy from one of the less traumatising Liberation Days in recent memory. Be Free.



Friday, 8 May 2009

All Star

If super-heroes are the myths of our time then Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant's All-Star Superman should be the Bible. The concept of Superman is a difficult one for some people especially in this post Dark Knight environment but the series has literally everything that's great about the Man of Steel. The root of Superman as a concept lies in his ability to inspire and every page of this thing captures that. Read it, it's everything a comic book should be.

Come back tomorrow for Episode 2 of the podcast with some very special guests. *COUGH* Christian Bale *COUGH*. You heard me.



Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Arrrrrgh My Face!

The new issue of Gallery is out including Wolverine gutting a movie pirate as illustrated by the talented and less attractive than his older brother Chris Lawrence. Pick it up at any local outlet or read it here.

As you might expect I talk lengthily about Wolvie. I have now seen the film and whilst I found myself enjoying it I did feel that it fell into many of the traps I outlined in my article. Notably too many characters for a supposed solo film meaning not enough screen time for any of them... In particular Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Still, apparent there is an after credit ending suggesting the Merc with a Mouth might be spun out into his own flick. I'll be first in line.

Oh and did I mention podcast still available below.