Sunday, 10 May 2009

Episode 2: A Knight's Bale

It's back! Episode 2 of The Blogcast of Steveitude. Sam Tannas was originally supposed to be my main guest on the show but sadly he was double booked. Instead we have special guests Dennis The Psychic Cat and Hollywood Mega Superstar Christian Bale*. It's a heck of a show.

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We've ironed out some of the kinks from last time including length (19mins) and size (It was difficult because I've never had trouble with length or size). Some of the volume levels are still a bit off so once again I'd recommend listening through headphones.

We have musical contributions from Turner Prize and The Brilliantly Simple. Click on their names to check out their sites. Because we weren't concentrating on a musical act this time around I don't think I really got across how totally fucking cool these guys are. Note to you guys: They are. Also, hop onto the link for The Brilliantly Simple Blog at the side of this blog.

The show was Written, Directed and Co-produced by Me and Co-Produced and Engineered by the heroic Dan Turner. Voices are by Me, Dan and the beautiful Miss Nicki Wray as Dame Judi Dench. Additional vocals from Kerry Fisher and Rhodri Hart. The concept for Breaky Spready Go is by Oly Le Feuvre. Any scientists wishing to develop the product further should contact him. Any men looking for a sub-par hand job should probably contact Oly too.

Remember Episode 1 is still available here.

Finally if you have any comments please direct them to me via Twitter (steveolawrence), Facebook or e-mail or in the comments section of this blog. Did you like the changes? What would you like to see more of? If you'd like to help out or contribute to the podcast please also get in touch. We could always use more songs to play and more people to interview. Frankly we will shill anything!



*Christian Bale may not in fact be Christian Bale.

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The Brilliantly Simple said...

Good work dude. Thanks very much for including Ode... spread the love like butter. Tris x