Monday, 25 May 2009

Endings At The Museum

I went to see Night At The Museum 2 on Saturday night. It was rather enjoyable. Sure the plot was bordering on the incoherent but its only function is to string together the collection of exhibit related skits and these almost all delivered a good deal of laughs. You also have to give the casting director a LOT of credit. How they managed to get this cast together is beyond me but if there was an Oscar for casting they'd be in with a good shout. Still, I had one major problem. A problem with the ending...

SPOILER ALERT - If you don't want the ending to the film ruined - Turn back now!

OK? Still here? Good. Basically the central relationship in the film is between Stiller's Larry Daly and the come to life all action girl Amelia Earhart (Played by the incredible Amy Adams it's had not to love her too). Through the course of the film they develop an attraction to each other predictably ending with the big kiss. Tragically though whenever the magic tablet isn't near old Amelia she reverts back to plastic exhibit form and as this is a family film the chance of Ben Stiller making love to a mannequin are low. It seems as if the film will end on a slightly downbeat note with Stiller's character having saved his museum but lost the woman he has come to love. But then she turns up. Except it isn't Amelia Earhart. It's Amy Adams playing a new character who looks exactly like Amelia Earhart but isn't her. After a little flirting you're left with the impression that they're going to end up together. Happy ending? Not for me. OK she looks the same (BONER) but it isn't the person Stiller's character spent the whole film falling in love with. Nicki and Lauren had no problem with the ending, they encouraged me not to overthink this stating that its a family film where museum exhibits come to life. Surely the fantasy could stretch to accepting this somehow is a different version of Earhart made real. I might be able to accept this but only if there was some more evidence of the museum exhibits having avatars in the 'real' world. Maybe Robin Williams as a wise mentor or Hank Azaria's pharoah as a jerk shareholder or something. I think the film is worth a watch but I can't help having these issues. To me it's an obvious story point and one that needed addressing. Larry with all his cash bought the museum, surely he could arrange to have the Earhart exhibit moved there?

What do you think? Any films that have given you similar problems? Let me know.



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