Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Godzilla v Mystery Box

Today I had a million dollar idea. A cardboard box that solves mysteries. Miss Haddycomb is mystery box's minder, she works as a maid at a hotel.

Excerpt from Mystery Box and The Case of The Golden Crab
By Steve Lawrence

Miss Haddycomb shared a knowing glance with Homeo Gonzalez. In the glint of his eye she couldn't help but recall the passionate and angry sex they had enjoyed just the night before.
''Mystery Box has discovered the culprit. The person who killed Humbert Dopeadrape and stole the Golden Crab. It was simple really, they were the only person with the means and motivation.''
On saying this Haddycomb reached into Mystery Box and retrieved an envelope. Slowly she broke the seal and pulled out a small piece of paper.
''The identity of the murderer is my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps.''
She stood looking at the assembled crowd with a stern look on her face. A small giggle squirted out from behind Homeo's hand. This set off Dr Lotheryubb. Soon the whole room was in raptures. A look of confusion spread across Miss Haddycomb's rounded features until she suddenly realised what had just happened.
''Oh Mystery Box. You're so wacky!''
She reached inside and pulled out another envelope.
''The real murderer is Nurse Bangabout.''
The room continued to laugh as Bangabout was taken away by the police. She later died after receiving a lethal injection. The Golden Crab was returned to the museum and China was saved.

The End


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