Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Return Of Sex!

Oh my God girlfriends it's only just over a week till the nationwide release of The Sex And The City Movie and I am so totally excited. The Sex And The City TV Show was great because it was the first television show to ever write women as characters rather than as eye candy for the male audience. Never before had we seen women on television wearing shoes, sipping cocktails and whineing about men. It truly was a revolution. And now it is all happening again. Not since 'My Super Sweet Sixteen: The Movie' have I anticipated a film adaptation of a television series this much and not until 'Ice Skating With Celebrities: The Movie' will I do so again. In honour of the film's release here are my Top 5 SATC: The Movie predictions.

1. Samantha will have sex... with an animal. Think about it, Samantha spent episode after episode breaking the taboos created by the male centred hierarchies. At one point she even went Lesbian! There's almost nothing left for her to do... Except a horse.

2. A baby and a pet will collide to hilarious effects. Babies and kittens are so totally cute. Imagine if a baby and a kitten met. OMG it would be 2CFW (Too Cute For Words).

3. The characters will wear some totally hot clothes. YOU JUST KNOW THEY WILL!

4. The Sex And The City Movie will sweep the 2009 Oscars. For years the Academy have ignored totally romantic (The Notebook), totally funny (Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde) and totally movies that totally relate to my life (Free Willy 2). But how will they ignore a movie that is totally romantic, totally funny and totally a movie that totally relates to my life?? Not easily is the answer. And just imagine the dresses the girls would wear to the ceremony.

5. There will be an dark and ominous ending followed by 'To Be Continued...'

I'll see you there on the front row, low fat popcorn and small diet coke in hand!



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ScarletBloodBane said...

Sluts and the City yayyyyy! That's one movie to diiiee for. Literally. I'd die before I ever saw one movie like that.

I suggest buying a large popcorn combo with a small diet coke. It makes quite an impact on fellow dieters.