Sunday, 8 June 2008

Euro 2008 Blog: Prospectus

Euro 2008 has begun and here on the blog we are offering the most Emmanuel Eboue-centric coverage on the whole wide interweb. So far there has been little for Boue to make loud annoying noises about but next week I am heading to Switzerland to (hopefully) report back to you from right on the front lines of Footballdom. For now here are three players to look out for.

1. Frank Ribery (France)
Unattractive. But try saying his name in an extremely strong french accent. Really pronounce it, I mean every syllable. Very satisfying.

2. Luka Modric (Croatia)
Spurs' new signing thinks he is the new Johann Cruyff. He wears the number 14 shirt and everything. I don't think anyone has had the heart to tell him Jordi Cruyff was the new Johann Cruyff and that he just wasn't very good.

3. Mikael Dorsin (Sweden)
Possibly the most exciting prospect. This 26 year old CFR Cluj star is a leading contender for the much coveted substitute left back spot. After lighting up the Romanian league with his pace and technique leading pundits have compared him to legends such as Marco Van Basten, Pele and Jason McAteer. (NOTE: Comparisons may not have been favourable)

So there you have it... WATCH OUT! Oh and just so you know I have Poland in the sweepstakes, I am supporting France due to geography and due to their Liverpool contingent I have warm feelings toward Spain.



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