Monday, 11 August 2008

Get On Board

People often come up to me in the street and ask 'Steve, how do you come up with so many great ideas? Is it really difficult?'. After asking if they have any spare change I will always reply that coming up with ideas isn't the hard part it's deciding which of my many excellent ideas to go through with. Take for example my recent conundrum.

Two ideas for a script. The first a sequel to Crash (The one about people who get off on car crashes. It's pretty sick) Titled Crash 2: Crash of the Titans this isn't about people who derive sexual pleasure from car crashes it is instead about people who take pleasure from the 2006 Oscar winning film Crash. Imagine it, people watching the movie, maybe having a hearty debate about the racial issues at the film's core and then fucking the shit out of each other. It'd be heartwarming fun for all the family. The second idea is a script titled 'Baby on Board'. It's about talking babies who can surf. And if that doesn't appeal to you then you may as well leave now because you and I can't be friends anymore.

You see I can't write them both at the same time. I need to channel my energy into one creative vision. It's like Sophie's Choice. But much like Sophie there are things I can consider to help make the choice easier. First of all I think about the audience. We all know people love sequels and that sequels are pretty much 99% of the time better than the original films but at the same time people also love talking baby movies. Remember 'Look Who's Talking' , 'Look Who's Talking Too' (Well LOL sequel title)and uh 'Look Who's Talking Now' (More Dogs than Babies)? There hasn't really been a great talking baby movie since 1993, the public are clamouring for one. I also need to think about the industry. 'Crash 2' is going to need clearance from the makers of both films. 'Baby On Board' faces competition from a film with the same title but a different subject. It sounds pretty shit although it does have Heather Graham in it and she is uber hot. (Hmm maybe I could get her to play the Mum in my film. I could name the character Heather to entice her) Finally I have to ask myself what I want. What I want is a kitten fighting a baby on film. If both baby and cat can talk then all the better. If I write such a scene into Crash 2 then it might seem slightly forced.

Sophie has chosen... Babies win.

On a side note it seems people have been posting comments in response to past blogs. That is awesome! Thanks especially to scarletbloodbane who has posted some really insightful stuff. Keep them coming everyone and hopefully I can find some way to get this thing to alert me when they come in so I can respond! Maybe casting suggestions for the film. I'm thinking Ryan Reynolds in some sort of role? (I feel the need to mention Double R because some sort of Ryan Reynolds fan site is linking people here and I feel a need to keep them happy)




Jonathan 'The Dog' Todd said...

Babies are well LOL. And Surf boards are ROFL. That movie would be ROFLOL!

stevelawrence said...

Hmm a thought provoking response Jonny. I must say that I agree with you 100%