Sunday, 17 August 2008


The new season has begun! Yes, from now till May I will be spending the majority of my Sundays hungover sitting on a couch watching often meaningless matches in glorious HD. But this isn't the only thing, oh no, it's also the start of Fantasy football. Get ready boys and girls to be amazed by the sensational skills of The Ebouetown Alpacas... or not.

I've been playing for years now and apart from a hot patch about 9 years ago I'm never really that succesful. I like to think I know a thing or two about football, I think the problem is I'm also a fan. We're a strange type us fans. Whereas we can be rational in our every day lives we can't help but let emotion get the better of us when it comes to the beautiful game. Take my team for an example. I refuse to let any Man Utd players wear the proud red and yellow of the Alpacas. This doesn't help when they dominate the league (Hopefully not this year). I also have to include Eboue. This was fine when he was a defender that was played in Midfield but not now he has been reclassified as a midfielder. Fabio Aurelio of course makes the team for his free kick abillity but poor old Fabz is injured pretty much 75% of the time. He's still in my team. The book I'm reading at the moment is called 'Super Crunchers' and is about this sort of thing. It talks about statistical models outperforming human experts in numerous fields because of certain adages people cling to and emotions that could judgement. It's really interesting stuff and if you read anything apart from my blog then I would recommend it. Also it's the excuse I'm using when I fail magnificently in the Fantasy leagues I play in! (Currently 10th out of 16!) Though now I think about it, it isn't going to be a very useful one for when my Championship and League One fantasy teams fuck up.




Munchie said...

even tho u cant really do anything once ur team is chosen, apart from change one player a week for free, i still manage to spend about an hour a day on it planning...

planning for what though?

stevelawrence said...

That one player can make all the difference though!! Also I'm experimenting with different formations this year.