Monday, 1 September 2008

A Festive Request

Note to people at gigs who sit on other people's shoulders to get a better view: We did not come to the gig to see you. Please do not turn around during the gig and either -

(a) Put your arms out to lap up the applause. We are not cheering for you. We are cheering for either the band or the person who has hit you with their drink.
(b) Try and egg on the audience. I am having a good time anyway, I don't need you trying to get me going, that is the band's job. You look like a wanker.

I have no problem with people sitting on shoulders... just when they think this makes them part of the show. Also I am confused about flags. Why does someone need a flag to express their love of flowers? In addition, why does said person need to walk around the crowd depending on which song is playing. We can see your shit flag from wherever we are!

Rant over.



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