Friday, 5 September 2008


Jose Franco asks 'Why didn't you put 'Anaconda' in your article?'
Well my Mexican friend I'm pretty sure that 'Anaconda' isn't a plane movie. I can see why you're confused. Back when we were younger we would watch a double bill of Con Air and Anaconda every weekend. Also I'm pretty sure you've seen 'Snakes On a Plane'. There is no such thing as 'Anacondas On a Plane'. You would need a really big fucking plane. But you know 'Snakes On a Plane' started on a blog. (Check it out here, it's hilarious) Maybe this is the start for 'Anacondas On a Plane. Jose you will receive no credit.

In other news, Usher is doing a tour of nightclubs which only women can attend. Well he's already expressed his desire to make love in the club. If he can't manage it with the odds stacked in his favour like this then I think he should just give up. GOOOOOOOOOOO USHER!

Finally it's been announced that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupinsky are going to write Ghostbusters 3. These guys are involved with The U.S Office and are pretty much an incredible choice for this movie. I loved Ghostbusters as a child and it fills me with joy and glee that they are carrying on the franchise and not rebooting.



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