Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A Time & A Place

It's Here....

Earlier on this Summer I entered the Branchage Jersey Film Festival competition pitching a film about the sensational Steve-O Town. I made the semi-final stage which involved sending in photos and videos to do with the pitch. Despite the involvement of Paul 'Fat Suit' Hinz and Jose 'Five Take' Franco I was one of six winners. (Some of those clips can be watched here)

With the help of the fine people at Shoot Media (In particular Winstan and X) and acting from local talent Nicki Wray and Laura Brown as Video Hoes #1 and 2, Jess Cabot as Director's Assistant, Laura Catterson as backing dancer, Oly Le Feuvre and Jose 'Five Take' Franco as the farmers and of course the spirit of Steve Catterson, 'A Place In The Country' was put together as part of the film festival.

Now you can watch the film that renowned film critic Jamie Le Marquand called 'good'.

Sit back, enjoy and spread the word.



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Dell Face W Browne said...

you've made my life Mr Steve-O. I have this on repeat. Now I need to find out how to get it to my ipod :D xx