Saturday, 4 October 2008

Gallery Viewing

Hello Steve-ites. It has been a while since my last update and since then I have made a short film, been on local TV, got a job and had another article published. More on those other things at a later date, well, apart from my job. The only thing more boring than actually doing my job is probably reading about it (That is unless Excel spreadsheets get you hard, which in my case they certainly do). I just thought I'd drop in for a healthy does of shameless self promotion.

Gallery is free for you to read all around Jersey. This month I talk about why I'm kind of excited about the new Bond movie and lift the lid on why I haven't even seen No Reservations but feel O.K about completely dissing it. Plus... R.Kelly!?! (Courtesy of Tom 'T-Bag' Haywood's Photoshop Studios) There are two funky covers to collect (although the article is the same inside both) one with a guy on it for all the ladies and gay dudes and one with a chick who appears to be wearing a swan. Enjoy!



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