Friday, 17 April 2009

Willenium Bug

Rumours have been circulating that Jose Franco doesn't really like music and the only two CDs he owns are both copies of Will Smith's 'Willenium' album. One has a slight scratch the other does not. I cannot confirm or deny this rumour.

In other news...
This summer is going to be The Summer of Steveitude. We've got some great stuff coming up in a variety of media. Very exciting. One thing I'm trying to do is make more links with other bloggers. You can see them on the right. Most are comic creators but I have just added a real person who I have actually met in the flesh and everything. Go and visit Tris' The Brilliantly Simple blog and say hi. He is a journalist, musician and writer, a bit or a raconteur if you will. Remember to say that Steve sent you. If anyone else has a blog and would like a bit of linkage get in touch with me. I'm particularly interested in hearing from authors of celebrity slash fiction blogs.



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