Sunday, 16 September 2007

What do you call a homeless robot? A hobot

I've been working for about 10 weeks now and one thing has become quite clear. By and large work sucks. It just does. If I could I would just stay at home and people could send me money. (Please do if there are any eccentric millionaires reading this) However, money is a requirement for my many interests / smack addiction. Still, there is another option. Every morning on my way to work I walk past the park where all the hobos hang out and you know what they seem like they're having a great time. Sitting around in their wacky clothes drinking extra strength lager at 8.30am they are following their dreams. There's one particular guy, I call him 'upstanding gentleman hobo' who always seems to have a smile on his face. It's probably because he has a sweet jumper with 'university' on it. I actually think he may have been a super genius university lecturer who one day just thought to himself 'study is well and good but life really is just about sitting in the park... and getting pissed.' Either that or he's a sociologist studying hobos by becoming one. Anyway, if you've got the time go down to the esplanade and just watch the time pass with those crazy cats. They won't rape or mug you... probably.

Blogger have just uploaded a new site where you can view a slide show of random images being uploaded to blogs all over the world. It's mesmerizing.
It brings me great joy to know a picture of Jose with a thong around his head will be being viewed by millions of strangers around the world.

Also if anyone is heading down to the movie theatre any time soon go and see Superbad! The funniest film I've seen this year, maybe ever. I would use the old laugh a minute cliche but I think the laugh ratio may have been higher than that. It had Josh clapping. Also it has AD alumni Michael Cera and you know that has got to be a good thing.

I got to sleep at about 9 this morning. If you're walking around St Lawrence with a Tracker bar at 7am you know something has gone wrong. Oly was trying to buy Beer. NOT ON THE SABBATH!



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