Monday, 22 October 2007

Nonces In Space (Rejected Title)

Hey sports fans. Sorry there has been very little action at Steve Towers recently but I have been busy with two other very exciting projects.

The first is a children's book called Bi-Polar Bear. Through our lead character 'Bear' it teaches children about Bi-Polar disease using words and drawings. It is still in the final planning stages as the publishers have yet to approve the ending in which Bear mauls his best buddy Race the Racoon. I just don't think they understand the reality of the disease.

Having just googled Bi-Polar Bear I think I may have been too late with this one. Damn.

The second project is a script for a new film in the evergreen Alien saga. Here is it's imdb entry:

Alien vs Sexual Predator
Writer: Steve Lawrence
Release Date: 31st October 2009
Tagline: Prepare to be offended... sexually
Plot: In the year 2012 sex offenders are no longer sent to prison for their crimes, instead they are placed in rocket ships and launched into space. After one of these ships crash lands on a planet where the native species resemble Earth children the prisoners think they are in luck. But what they don't know is that the children aren't the only inhabitants of this planet...
Plot Keywords: Horror / Action / Gore / Christmas

The budget is $240 million. I think it will be a hit with the torch bearing masses.

Finally, how about Dumbledore being gay? Dear oh dear Ms Rowling even the most clueless English 101 student will tell you that an author loses all power over a text once they have committed it to paper. Sure if you'd have made Dumbledore's sexuality explicit that would have been fine but you can't go round declaring things after! That is unless there is a Super Gay Special Edition coming out? Oh well, I'm sure all the weird slash fiction writers are having the time of their lives with their Dumbledore gives Spock a hand job stories.



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