Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Happy Hannukah

One thing I like doing is making lists. Another thing I like is receiving free food. Yesterday I received a free donut from The Jewish Society in celebration of Hannukah. So in honour of that I present.... MY TOP 5 JEWISH PEOPLE! (NOTE: Lists are subject to change)

1. Jesus Christ
Pretty self explanatory. The first super-hero if you will. Jesus used his made god given skills to help people and turn water into wine and do all sorts of crazy shit. J.C you truly had Steveitude.

2. Seth Cohen
Little known fact, Seth Cohen was actually based on me. Black hair, tropical beach setting, love of comic books, witty dialogue. Also Seth has a massive Ben Folds Five poster and I love Ben Folds. Finally, I agree Summer is hot. Obviously they had to change some things like him being Jewish and all but you can clearly see the Steve. (PS - Sandy rules too but I didn't want to just make this an I love The Cohens post)

3. Yossi Benayoun
He's pretty good. All sorts of tricks in his bag. I like him more than Ronny Rosenthal anyway.

4. Zach Braff
Now I'm not 100% sure that the Braff is Jewish. I really like to think he is. In fact I'd say I'm 85% sure he is Jewish. He has the sort of geek vibe going too. He's J.D for Pete's Sake! (Notice not Christ's sake) Also he wrote and directed Garden State which is definitely one of my top 5 movies of all time. (Another list, another time)
EDIT: Zach is definitely Jewish, his middle name is ISRAEL! Also he has OCD, you learn something new everyday I guess.

5. Phil Scullion
He had to make it onto the list somewhere. Though 'the best looking player in the C league' shouldn't get too big headed over this as he clearly ranks below people I've never met and fictional characters. Well done anyway Phil! Cement mixers on you next time.



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