Thursday, 27 December 2007

Street Fight For Your Right

I love Kristin Kreuk. She is insanely hot. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have never met a guy who wouldn't. She has an allure to her, this sort of distinct (distinctly hot) look to her. Still her career has never really taken off past Smallville and looking at this article I don't think it is going to anytime soon.

Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li in a Street Fighter spin off movie. Apparently it is unrelated to the big steaming pile of dog turd that is the Jean Claude Van Damme / Kylie Minogue / why isn't anyone fighting / why doesn't American army sergeant Guile have a clearly eastern European accent / Blanka is just a skinny green guy with a haircut that makes him look like Chuckie from Rugrats Street Fighter Movie but that doesn't mean it will do anything but suck. IT IS STILL A VIDEO GAME MOVIE.

I think maybe recreating the true Street Fighter 2 experience in live action movie might be pretty shit anyway. I remember playing the game as a kid. I remember picking fat fat fatty sumo E.Honda and using my repetitive fast punching move to beat everyone. Who wants to watch that movie? And how do you explain the scene where E.Honda kicks the shit out of a parked car for absolutely no reason. Bonus points? Whatever.

Did anyone see The Extras finale? Really great stuff again and surprisingly uplifting considering all that went on (Not going to spoil it too much for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.) It has to be said though, Stephen Merchant, Barry and Dean Gaffeney dancing to a ring tone = Comedy Genius.



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