Sunday, 23 December 2007

Still Waiting For Mandy

I don't talk to my brother a great deal when I'm at university. I think I should talk to him more. Today I found out that the girl who lives in the room next to him is a stripper. Yes, a stripper. The sort of girl who takes her clothes off in a club whilst men shove cash money into her g-string. The type of girl who Wyclef Jean wrote one damn fine song for. Just because she dances go-go it don't make her a ho no. That's not all. This stripper neighbour is only seventeen. Oh and her Father has written a play about her life which is now touring. Oh yes,

Did I mention that in the play her father has changed things around so that she dies in the end? Still, Chris says she is a nice girl and that if she has a particularly good night she buys the people on her corridor lunch the next day. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I wish one of my housemates was a stripper. Paul could maybe do it though I imagine he would be reluctant to remove any of his glittery scarves.



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