Tuesday, 25 December 2007

The Christmas Message

Merry Christmas to one and all!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and relaxing day so far. Here at Bingo Bob's Winter Wonderland it has pretty much been business as usual. Good food, gifts (check back later in the week for some commentary) and conversation ranging from the interesting to the borderline crazy. Straddling the line between the sublime and the ridiculous is my Grandfather talking about Turkeys.... Allow me to share ....

Did you know Turkeys can (AND WILL) be sea sick. Oh yes. Years and years ago my Grandfather ran a fish shop in the market. Every Christmas he would be given the job of travelling to France to pick up the Turkeys (Yes I know they aren't fish) for the shop. Well Grandpa would do just this and every year on the way back his boat would be filled with Turkeys throwing their guts up. It isn't much of a story really. He never befriended a Turkey and helped it to safety though I think that's the sort of idea Pixar would gobble up (GET IT?). Anyway, Turkeys get sea sick... FACT.

As well as that Turkey knowledge I bring you the gift of my personal heroes Justin Timberlake and The Lonely Island Boys singing a very special Emmy Award Winning Christmas song. I am very much a purveyor of Christmas musicality. I like some of the usual stuff burnt into our ear drums every year but I would also recommend hunting down Fall Out Boy's Christmas offering 'Yule Shoot Your Eyes Out' and the various covers of songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas performed by F.O.B, Panic et all. Also you just can't go wrong with Sufjan Stevens at this time of year. He has a ridiculous number of Christmas songs all about a million times more powerful than the X-Factor shite topping the chart today.

Peace AND Love


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