Sunday, 23 March 2008

America Blog 1: Upon Our Arrival In These Strange and Distant Lands

Happy Easter!
Pimp That Snack!

Yes, that's right. Blogging from America. I am up early to watch the Liverpool gamecast (Dissent?!?) whilst Laura and Dan are still asleep.

After what seems like days of travelling it's good to arrive in Snowy Colorado (oh yes). The journey was reasonably good although I did end up watching Alvin and The Chipmunks and thinking about it in a far too critical manner. In a world where singing chipmunks doing a psuedo Hip Hop version of The Witchdoctor (Remember 'The Cartoons'? Ooh eeh ooh ah ah) can top the charts I don't think the rules of logic can be applied. Still I was gutted the theme tune never made an appearance.

Anyway, like you give a fuck about that. America! Sensory overload began during our stopover in Texas. The drive to gluttony is certainly underway as the two meals we have had so far have just been giant Pizza slices. Sorry Italians (Adam) but I definitely think this is the way forward. So far we have just hung about the campus and partied down a little something something. Laura is so American it's unreal. We're going to need some good old fashioned My Fair Lady style elocution lessons when she returns from the colonies. Everyone we've met so far has seemed really nice and word of advice... If you're trying to get drunk, altitude is your friend!



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