Monday, 31 March 2008

America Blog 5: Slam Dunk The Funk

On Saturday we went to the Nuggets game. To begin with it was back and forth with both offences firing but moving into the half the Nugs were on top. In the third quarter The Warriors bounced back as the Nuggets defence tired but after an inspired time-out the Nugs went three crazy and pulled away for the big W moving them into the 7th position and looking good for the play-offs. For those who don't speak Basketball... It was close, we were winning, they were winning, we won. Anyway, it was one hell of a spectacle with fireworks, cheerleaders, music and organised chanting. Still I can't see Larry the Liver Bird ever shaving a cheeky Man United fans head and it turning into anything but a full on riot. Still, it was FUN.

We have also been to two comic book shops. The first one Laura joined us in going to as we walked through the mildly (very) seedy inner city Denver to find 'All In A Dream' Comics. Spending what to any non comic book fan would seem a ridiculous sum of money the owner regaled us with many stories of life as a comic book pusher in a tough area. I don't know if we would have spent so long if Laura wasn't there. Everyone is very friendly and as someone who likes talking to people Laura is in her element. I'm overfamiliar, guess what I give you nicknames behind your back nothing nasty it's just what I do, but Ms Brown is on another level. Not a day goes by where we don't make a new friend for life. She didn't join us at Time Warp Comics but again it was a really cool place.

All the other students have arrived back now and the campus has sprung into life. It's crazy, from the ghost town of last week to the explosion of life going on now. This would have been great if I wasn't in such a state. We did a bit of drinking, I lost at Poker on the first hand (pocket fives going all in... IDIOT) and we stumbled home in a haze. It was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG ISLAND ICED TEA.

In Non-America News the Reading Line-Up is out. The Cribs headlining the Radio 1 Tent, Tenacious M&%$£$ckin D, Biffy and TBS on the main stage and Rage Against The Machine... Yes Please.



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