Tuesday, 25 March 2008

America Blog 2: The New Sound

Malls, Burger Joints, Red Cups, Kegs and House Parties. This is the America promised by T.V and Movies and I'm glad to say that THEY DO NOT LIE. The party we went to even had a blue grass band... Mandolin, Bass Guitar and most importantly a banjo. Once back in England Dan and I are starting the next musical fad:
Blue grass + Nu Rave = Blu Rave
You heard it here first.

One slight moment of confusion. On Sunday we went for some Easter brunch / lunch at The International House of Pancakes (IHOP to the initiated). I had some pancakes with various sides, I thought on top of the pancakes they had placed a scoop of ice cream. Turns out it was a scoop of butter. It didn't taste so great.

There was also a place called Dick's Sporting Goods Store. I declare LOL.



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