Sunday, 7 December 2008

Nixon Gets Loose

It's an update which means I must have something to shill!! Yes another issue of Gallery is out and this month I'm rambling about Christmas movies, serial killers and making outlandish claims about Kevin Bacon's role in Frost/Nixon. I also take it hard to Batman & Robin with the kind of angry rant only a comic book fan could write. For those not lucky enough to live in Jersey it is available online at and is on page 62 I think.

Thanks to all who have read the issues so far and told me how much you enjoyed them. Your compliments feed my massive ego and keep me cranking out the words. Gallery has a month off in January but returns in February with Dodgeball action and extra mega sized Team Cobra action!?!

Finally, what is it with people voting for fat faced children? Einogh from X-Factor you don't murder Busted (not literally) in front of millions of people and escape my scorn! Worse than him though is 21 year old Jersey deputy elect Jeremy Macon who ran under the pretenses of being a voice for Jersey's youth and then once elected allowed his Mother to answer his e-mails and debate policy. She then revealed that their family had decided that he should run instead of her because he was a better speaker. That doesn't make things OK, people did not vote for the Macon family (YOU ARE NOT THE KENNEDYS!) It's like Obama after election allowing a bitter old Republican to represent him. In conclusion, Jeremy Macon you are a massive tool and a ridiculous fraud. I want my vote back (even though you didn't win that one)



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Anonymous said...

So who did you vote for then?