Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tut Tut

There have been some crazy rumours going on surrounding the new Batman film. Most of these are blatantly false and just seem to exist to boost viewing figures for the sites that post them. Well, not wanting to be one to miss a trick here are my 'top three totally hot almost definitely true but maybe not true rumours for the third of Nolan's Batman films'-

1. The film will feature not one, not two but three Robins. They will all be played by Zac Effron with CGI playing a major part in distinguishing them.
2. The main villain of the piece will be King Tut from the old 60s TV show and the plot will revolve around a wacky time travel adventure (This is what brings in the three Robins). Could Batman be The Joker's father???
3. Michael Caine will sing the theme tune. A song he penned on the set of The Dark Knight simply called 'At The Bat'.

In other news my hours of campaigning seemingly hasn't paid off and 'Jizz In My Pants' didn't make it to number one. Maybe next year I'll write my own Christmas song. It is fast approaching Christmas now and that means you have my semi-legendary Christmas blog to look forward to. This year I'm writing prose and no it isn't a Detective Facebook Christmas special.

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