Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My 3D Valentine

I went to see My Bloody Valentine with low expectations. I mean it wasn't in 3D (which is the main selling point in all the adverts) and it was a remake of an 80s horror film that wasn't particularly fondly remembered. I have to say though, it was an OK movie. It didn't do anything special but it sticks to a tried and tested formula and amps everything up TO THE MAX. There is plenty of gore (kudos evil miner man for your creativity with a pick axe), some suspense (though I'm sure the mines could have been used better. see - The Descent) and some truly excellent nudity (including a woman who for almost her entire role in the movie walks around naked). The only thing that ruins it is a truly horrible ending that only works if the audience accepts that one of the scenes that happened earlier in the film just didn't happen. It's an easy problem to fix - don't show the scene just show the aftermath and let the audience fill in the gaps (probably incorrectly and therefore accomplishing the goal of the whole thing). I think maybe the filmmakers bloodlust just got the better of them. The lack of 3D is a more difficult problem. There are so many scenes that you can just tell by the way they were shot that they were intended to show off the 3D factor. It isn't too jarring it just leaves you with a sadness that you're not watching the 3D version. That being said, if you have the opportunity to watch the 3D version go and check it out now!! What are you waiting for? Valentine's Day (Which of course is the logical release date!?!)?



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