Sunday, 2 August 2009

Stoop Kids

Move it football head!

Today we had a reminisce about the classic TV shows from our youth and how the current crop could never stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Teen Angel, Hangtime and Kenan & Kel. One of the shows we talked about was Hey Arnold. An incredible show and looking back quite a weird and subversive one too. What was with all the jazz? Anyway, whilst discussing Arnold, Gerald and Helga I had quite a sobering thought. Arnold was set in a tough Brooklyn neighbourhood with poor schooling and a decaying infrastructure. Statistics would suggest that a large percentage of these kids have fallen into crime or drugs (Definitely the bully character) and many of them are probably part of gangs. I guess what I'm pitching here is a Wire-esque 'Where Are They Now' show dealing with the realities of inner city life. I would watch it.



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