Sunday, 15 July 2007

Mack to the Future 2

As with any movie that has even the smallest chance of making a profit my small time independent time travel has been upgraded to a full blown ultra massive budget trilogy. Sadly because of certain creative differences I will not be involved in the sequel. Young avant garde love child of John Travolta Tom Haywood is taking over the reigns. Here is how the IMDB describes the film...

'Jason Biggs is a frustrated teenage geek who is having no luck with the ladies, that is until his wacky scientist father Eugene Levy invents a time machine, sending the manic pair forwards in to the future! Jason see's the chance for a change in his fortunes, and begins to play the field, only to find out he's been mackin' on his future daughter! Incest abounds alongside some seriously funny gross-out comedy in this hilarious time travel teen-sex filmfest. Will Jason end up marrying his child? Will he ever get one over on the ever-present Biffler? And will he ever get back to his own time? Find out now, in Mack to the Future.'

I'm sure it will be great. Chris De Burgh is working on a techno remix of Lady In Red for the soundtrack.

(Image and text courtesy of Tom)

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