Monday, 23 July 2007

Prime Position

So the furore over Mr Potter has sort of died down and I still don't care. I'm not sure why. I have recently been trying to figure this out. It seems like something I should be into. I read some articles, one suggested the book's popularity came from the fact that it's basically a detective novel dressed up in magical robes and made-up words. It had a good point but see I like detective novels and I don't like Harry Potter. In the end I think it's just the central principle that bothers me. For something so incredibly popular its not exactly a very original idea. There is a sort of familiarity to the concept and you know what I decided... Harry Potter is basically X-Men except they all have the same power. True some use the power better than others but its basically the same thing. Think about it... it's either that or a rewriting of Star Wars! I'm not saying I'm a hater (yo), I liked the films and I really can't describe the disdain I feel for those who have tried to ruin it for those who do enjoy it, I'm just saying it's a craze thats passed me by and I can't quite say why.

Still put Harry Potter against a giant motherfucking Transforming robot and no spells going to save him!

Transformers was without doubt one of the greatest films I have ever seen! I'm an old school Transformers fan, Optimus Prime is sitting here on my desk right now, I watched the classic animated movie before going and I have to say I had my reservations. (Bay made Pearl Harbour for fucks sake!) Still, I was blown away. I lost count of the times the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and they don't just stand up for any old thing. Of course the action was big and loud and exciting but it also had laughter (watch and learn Eddie Murphy) and heart, shiney robot heart. Also its a good thing robots cant get erection because they would be destroying all sorts of buildings with Megan Fox running about. There are of course numerous geeky moments to enjoy like Optimus Prime and Megatron quoting the original animated movie dialogue from their climactic battle. In conclusion go and see it. If you don't enjoy it I probably hate you.

Oh and here's hoping for Hot Rod and Unicron in the inevitable sequel! Oh and some Van Halen on the soundtrack. YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH!!!


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