Monday, 9 July 2007

Past It

What is with all the blasts from the past in the last two days? COME ON! I'm twenty, I shouldn't be getting nostalgic already. I really need to finish that time machine and then go back to those days and be all 'hey this wasn't so great, maybe I romanticized things.' Either that or have a wacky Back To The Future style adventure. Dude! You're totally mackin on your mom. Hmmm a time travel sex comedy. I will pitch it to Jason Biggs. If, as usual, he doesn't reply I will see what Chris De Burgh thinks. He is sitting on the chair next to me playing Wii tennis and chugging from a carton of Cranberry juice. Chris De Burgh is crazy.

I am now working at HSBC. I would tell you what my job is but it is top secret. I also don't understand what the abbreviations mean.



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