Saturday, 12 July 2008


Definitely, Maybe is a really really good movie. Yes it may have hearts all over the box and totally look like the gayest chick flick going but let me tell you, it definitely isn't. The thing is I think it was just badly marketed. I don't want to tell those guys how to do their jobs but they sold it as a rom com with a real emphasis on the rom when there is actually lots of com. Not only that, its unique and quirky functioning as a sort of love mystery rather than going down that Hugh Grant path, you know, the one hes been down so many many many times. Finally... Ryan Reynolds. How do I say this without sounding gay... I love Ryan Reynolds. He's so likeable. Van Wilder, Smokin Aces, Two Guys & A Girl, Just Friends (Another really underrated movie) - likeable. I mean I think that if me and Ryan Reynolds hung out together we'd have a great time. Just having a beer, playing some X-Box, maybe shooting some pool. Don't tell me you wouldn't want to hang out with Ryan Reynolds. Also he might not be a total comic book geek but he was Hannibal King in Blade 3, attached to The Flash and in one of the best pieces of casting ever he is going to be Deadpool in the Wolverine spin-off. You'd think maybe he read a comic when he was researching one of these parts and he seems to know who Wade Wilson is!
So yeah, go watch it. Because the more of you who watch it and like it the more acceptable it is for me to like it!

I gave the new comedy Trexx and Flipside a watch on BBC 3 because it also star Rich Fuller (Bob Fossil in The Boosh). Don't make the same mistake I did. It seems to be trying to be a British rap version of Flight of the Conchords and it fails pretty darn miserably. It was the first episode so maybe things will get better but then again they probably won't!



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