Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Uncover the Dragon?

Exciting news! After a year travelling Spain and discovering his roots Jose Antonio Golfball Franco is returning to Jersey. Even more excitingly this very blog has won the exclusive rights to reprint extracts of the journal Jose kept of his adventures. Translated from whatever the hell language Jose has written them in and with spelling and grammar mistakes corrected they are not available in bookstores. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

Los Spectacularios Adventurios de Jose

Part 1 - On Arriving in these strange and distant lands

Dear Diary,
How are you? I am fine thanks. Today I arrived in Spain. Already all the people seem really nice. In fact one man on the train was almost too nice if you know what I mean. I wonder if I will lose my flower whilst I am on this exciting and exotic adventure, whatever happens I don't want to lose it to a guy like that. I didn't get round to sorting out any type of accommodation for my trip so tonight I am sleeping on the floor of a kind and gentle old washer maidens humble home. She keeps shouting things at me but to be honest my Spanish isn't that great. I would say she is a 3/10, you know, maybe If I was drunk. I am very tired and I am going to sleep now dear diary. The howls of the wild street wolves lure me into slumber land. Speak to you soon,

Wow, cracking insight and thoughtful and provocative prose. El Bookerio Prize here we come.

On a different note, has anyone seen Sisqo lately? Nic and I were listening to him on the radio and seriously its been years!! If you're reading this Sisq give me a call or an e-mail or something.



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