Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Egging Me On...

Have you seen the new advert for the Egg card? The gist of it is that getting an Egg card is an extremely intelligent thing to do. It also states that in the laws of the universe smart and stupid must be balanced out. Therefore every time someone does something smart like get an Egg card something stupid must happen.

This doesn't make me want to get an Egg card. I don't know much about what it does or anything, that doesn't matter to me. What I'm now thinking is that if I choose to get an Egg card I am guaranteeing something stupid is going to happen. OK, something stupid could be as simple as SAMTANNAS publishing a nude calendar or Jose mackin on some chick who turns out to be a dude BUT it could also be something really really bad like someone stupidly launching a Nuclear missile and plunging the world into war or a Movie executive agreeing to finance a sequel to Norbit.

What I'm saying is don't take the risk kids... Don't get an Egg card!



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