Friday, 18 January 2008


This may shock you but I don't actually make any money from this blog. That's right, I toil away for hours crafting these words into truth bombs fit for your consumption and no one gives me any cash monies. WELL NOT ANYMORE! No, I'm not going to start charging you fine people (Though if you see me on the street and want to give me cash I'm not going to object), instead I have though outside the box. I have rented out the blog. It works thusly, a Company gives me money and they get a whole post to do whatever they want with literally reaching the tens of people who read my blog every day. Amazing huh? Now not only do you get to read my sharp and witty insight but you also get to hear about products and services you might like. The first company is a dating website called Partnering They have chosen to present a sample profile and hey if you want some of this guy then get involved.....

Partnering Up Personal Ad

Nubile young Mexican currently residing in Spain seeks special companion (preferebly female but I'm not that picky) for hot sex maybe more? Must have low self esteem and interest in go-karting, napping, watching Coronation Street without a shirt on, funny noises, water sports (the sex thing) and romantic walks through industrial estates. STD testing required (I have thrush). NO UGOS!

Wow, he sounds like a winner, I hope he has his 'beating them off with a stick' stick handing.



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