Thursday, 3 January 2008


People seem to like that Mark Ronson / Amy Winehouse song 'Valerie'. It is OK, I have nothing against it but you know what... I like the original better. It was by The Zutons. You remember it? It sounds like that Mark Ronson / Amy Winehouse song except it is by The Zutons. Valerie is quite a musical name. If you're dating a chick who is called Valerie then you are in luck my friend. Also if you aren't dating a girl called Valerie and you want to be dating a girl called Valerie than you can stand outside her window with a boom box playing that very song! It would also help if she had ginger hair. I think I've only met one person called Valerie. She worked at Woolworths. I wasn't fond of her.

One song that you probably won't want to play is 'Valerie' by Reel Big Fish. It is the sort of song you might want to play if you broke up with a girl called Valerie. I think it is definitely better than the Mark Ronson / Amy Winehouse song.

If your name is Valerie or if any of the issues in this blog post have affected you please post a comment or phone our helpline 07797770827.



PS - If you have been linked to this post purely because I mentioned Amy Winehouse so many times then I am sorry. Maybe this is not for you, maybe you enjoyed yourself, why don't you stick around??

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