Monday, 2 March 2009

Sim Grant 2009-2009

We were doing well for a while there weren't we? Yes the blog has come to a grinding halt and that is because Nic and I have gotten back into The Sims. I am maybe a little rusty. I set-up my house as an 8 man party house with hot tubs and music and a swimming pool and... things didn't go so well. In less than 24 hours we lost our first housemate. After house maid and the only one without a job Pablo managed to set the cooker on fire the heroic and very old Grant ran in to save the day. He probably should have waited for the fire department. As it turns out Grant is not fire proof and he did a quick and grizzly death. Now his urn is blocking up the kitchen getting in everyone's way and bringing everyone down. Shame on you Grant. Now if only I can stop them pissing themselves.



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