Tuesday, 2 November 2010

200th Post Spectacular!

200 posts! Congratulations everybody. It has been a long tough struggle to get here but we did it. We've outlasted governments, seen the economy go to shit and even witnessed Josh Franco acting. And we're not stopping yet. We might have changed our focus and experimented in different things (podcasting, short films, hard drugs) but the fact remains that we still love you and we're always going to be here for you. As we enter out third century I ask - what would you like to see from this blog going forward? Competitions, Boobs, Pop-Up ads? Drop me a line and let me know

Normally when I hit a big milestone like this I like to look back and today isn't going to be any different. But I'm not just going to look back at past moments of Steveitude greatness. I'm going way back like Marty McFly. What you may not realise is that before 'The Fortress of Steveitude' came the MSN Space known as Steve's Zone of Love. The first post on that dropped on the 15th of June 2005 meaning I've been blogging for over 5 years now (Laugh or cry?)! To celebrate my 200th post here - Here's that very first blog post in its entirety...

The Bloggingest Blog Around

Today my mood ring is Yellow..
That's right Steve has his own Blog and yes it's going to be the bloggingest blog around. You'll see me in the street and be like 'Hey Steve! Wanna go and get some ice cream?' and I'll be all like 'Sorry dude/tte but I gotta go home and blog, maybe some other time.' Thats how committed I am to this thing. I mean everyone knows I like a good ice cream. In my blog I'm going to do so much too, I'm going to give advice, write stories, give celebrity gossip and review all sorts of stuff. Basically I'm going to make everyone who reads it a better person.
I'll start right now, Hey reader go and download 'Papa Roach - Scars'! People are saying they're the new Good Charlotte. Celebrated rap superstar Nelly says they are 'Hot in Here'. Also commenting on last nights episode of the OC, nice job on the almost Rape. As most people will tell you my favourite things are platonic love, real life situations and rape. I already loved the OC before this because it reminds me of real life situations and this is just the icing on the cake. More please!
Keep on Bloggateering. Vote Pedro.

So how does it hold up? Surprisingly well I'd say. I'm still committed to delivering the bloggingest blog around and on many occasions I have been forced to turn down a trip to the ice cream parlour because of an intention to blog. Obviously I'm still a massive fan of Papa Roach and in particular the song 'Scars'. It was obvious even in 2005 that they were going to become the world's biggest rock-band. Sadly, The OC is no longer with us but I think it's been long enough now for them to attempt a remake. It worked with 90210. 
Anyway dear friends. I hope you enjoyed coming with me on this gentle stroll down memory lane. Please sit tight for the next great adventure. 

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